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EXILIS Melt Fat & Tighten Skin

What can I have done?

Exilis can be used for a variety of body and face areas
The most population treatments are:www.pinterest.comexilis

  • Neck
  • Double chin
  • Jowls
  • Under eye bags/ sagging
  • Belly
  • Love Handles
  • Cellulite
  • Bingo wings

What can I expect?

  • An initial consultation to review suitability, your areas of concern and what treatment entails.
  • If Exilis is suitable for you and your area (s) of concern, 4-6 treatment sessions will be recommended. Results may be evident throughout treatment but full results can take up to 3 months to become realised.
  • Pain free treatment- Exilis creates a sensation of heat, not pain, and throughout the treatment we will check regularly you are comfortable and if not, take steps to ensure you are at ease with the treatment process.
  • There are always ways you can help the treatment work and achieve best results-Hydration is vital to results of the treatment- plenty water is essential the day before, day of and day after treatment to ensure the best results and optimum comfort. For Body treatments, gentle exercise on the days following treatment is also encouraged.



Top 10 Reasons to Have EXILIS

  1.  I don't love my love handles
  2.  Two words: summer vacation
  3.  Make my time at the gym look like I've been to the gym
  4.  Show up at the reunion in the same jeans I wore then
  5.  Move on to resolutions #2 and #3
  6.  Put my bag in overhead without hesitation
  7.  Wear spandex without embarrassment
  8.  I eat right, so I deserve to look right
  9.  Make my birthday suit my best outfit
  10.  I want my body back

How Does Exilis Work

During the session, the Exilis computer-controlled device is guided over the treatment area. Patients feel a warming sensation as the Energy is delivered to the deeper layers of skin. The ability to focus the Energy on specific areas at the targeted depth of penetration makes Exilis a highly effective aesthetic solution. The device engages the cooling system to heat deep tissue as its constant monitoring of the skin’s temperature facilitates a comfortable, even treatment. To favorably influence the upper skin layers, only controlled heating is engaged to redefine loose skin and smooth wrinkles. Thus, the Exilis causes the collagen supporting tissue to remodel, thereby stimulating and strengthening the collagen network to improve skin laxity and texture.

How many treatments do I need? How long do results last?

The recommended course of treatment is generally four to six sessions, one every two weeks. You can have additional treatments if desired. Patients show persistent results at least six months after the Exilis treatment.

Is it safe?

Exilis has been tested in clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective. It has been cleared by the FDA in the U.S. for use in dermatologic and aesthetic procedures with indications for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids.

What about recovery?

Some pinkness on the treated area may last for about 15-30 minutes. Patients should increase water intake on the day of treatment and the day after, and should engage in light exercise such as walking to enhance cosmetic results.

What are the side effects?

There have been no significant side effects reported with Exilis treatment.





In aesthetic treatments the key is to treat efficiently using high energy levels without compromising patient comfort. Real time temperature monitoring provides greatest control for accurate tissue heating. Exilis Elite delivers maximum power without discomfort.


Layering simply means that energy is delivered to the various depths in the tissue. The applicator is designed so that you can make changes to the power and cooling right on the display. Changing the cooling during treatment allows you to treat deep tissue all the way up to the superficial layer.


Focused thermal energy disrupts collagen fibers. Collagen triple-helix structure is affected by heat and the unravelling process is initiated. Natural healing process evokes fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers.


For a limited time period we are offering EXILIS for just £99,
on selected areas.

Pay As You Goexilisarea
Stomach (A4 Size) - £99
Love Handles - £99
Bingo Wings - £99
Eyes - £99
Inner Thighs - £99
Outer Thighs - £99
Buttocks - £99
Neck - £99
Jawline - £99

Course of 4 treatments
Course of 6 treatments

Call BEAUTONICS T: 01634 362575 NOW to book your EXILIS treatment

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