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It is a revolutionary thread lift product called PDO (polydioxanone) which has originated from the USA. They have been used for many years in surgery in the form of dissolvable sutures. There is an immediate improvement in appearance, and again after 10-14 days when the synthesis of collagen and elastin occurs. This process continues throughout the period the thread exists in the skin, usually up to about 8 months. The resulting aesthetic effects can last up to 15 months. This procedure is indicated for patients aged between 40 – 65 years of age. The results include a lifting of the skin, rejuvenation effect, softening of facial wrinkles, increase in volume and tightening of tissue with incredible results. This procedure is excellent for those interested in a face lift but do not want surgery.

“What can I expect”?

First you will have a complete consultation with our highly trained practitioner who has done many of these procedures.  If after the consultation you are happy to proceed the treatment can be done the same day.


“Where can they be used”?

The threads can be used in numerous areas on the face and neck.  Jaw lines can be lifted, nose to mouth lines, and drooping cheeks.


“When can I see the results”?

The PDO threads will give the skin an immediate, natural improvement in appearance. The full effect takes about 4-5 weeks (our body makes collagen slowly). The effects last as long as natural collagen and has been claimed to work for up to 2 years


“Are there any side effects”?

Some patients may experience some side effects such as minor pain, swelling, varying degrees of bruising, and bleeding. Patient can go back to daily activities or put on makeup or sunscreen.





Call BEAUTONICS T: 01634 362575 NOW to book your free consultation

Call BEAUTONICS T: 01634 362575 NOW to book your THREAD LIFT treatment